Other Helpful Services

Whether you are looking for help with getting some checks or needing a place to store your valuables, we have you covered.

Notary Services:

When your important documents need to be notarized, we can help you free of charge

Cashier’s Checks:

For more information please contact us

Money Orders:

For more information please contact us

Check Reorders:

Please call a New Accounts Representative to reorder your checks today

Night Deposit:

There are two night-drop boxes conveniently located at the front and back of the building

Safe Deposit Boxes*:

Safe Deposit Boxes offer a secure place for you to store important items and documents. Please contact an employee about availability and pricing.

*Safe Deposit Box contents are not covered by FDIC Insurance. You may want to consider purchasing an insurance policy for the contents of the box.

Ready to get started?

Please call or stop by the bank today.

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We have become aware of new fraud schemes occurring in our area with the use of bitcoin ATMs.  If you are contacted by phone or computer directing you to make a payment using bitcoin, PLEASE contact one of the following people in our Compliance Department immediately: Merry Wheeler, Leah Olsen or Lacey Swayne. 

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